Music Preview

Gong Qian Yang's music displays the flavour of folk, Jazz and new age music with a bit of classical touch and the orchestral music with folk, vocal added to freer music expression. After all, it is Twenty First century music...  

"Dawn-Awakening" with Percussion & Voice

This is a revised version of symphonic work on Yang's 3rd album titled "Sonic Wave by Gong Qian Yang". It starts with broad low earthy sound as grand nature's breath at the dawn, and develops into awakening with glorious triumph…     


“Zen” has been released on 5th album “Music for Yoga and More” by Gong Qian Yang


Tale of Peony Garden on 4th album “Lean on Me”

Song Without Words

For chorus, bells and orchestra, it is on Yang's 3rd album titled "Sonic Wave by Gong Qian Yang". It was conceived at the time of a delightful gathering with Augusta Reed Thomas and Bernard Rands. It reflects Yang's happy mood...


Let's Hand to Hand

It is in pop classical song style

The Space of Time, Mountain and Water

Folk Serenade

Morning Lake

It is dawn at the lake, birds are still nestling, everything is quietly accumulating energy for a lively day...

In Love

An evening dance at a jazz club? Maybe...


The Kiss of Sun and Water

The moment when the morning sun kisses the scenic lake waves before it rises above the sparkling water...

Sound Momentum

Nature and Me Symphonic Poem

Sweet Leisure

Grand Love


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