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Gong Qian Yang's music albums have displayed the flavour of folk, Jazz and new age music with a bit of classical touch, and the orchestral music with folk, vocal added to freer music expressions. After all, it is Twenty First century music...   

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"Sonic Fusion"by Gong Qian Yang

"Sonic Fusion"

Composer's effort to discover and unlock the emotional meaning of sound waves, pitches including 12 tone rows from a fresh new perspective. Clearly defined pitches & non-defined pitches were both explored in the music process with listener friendly in mind.

Space and Stars

“Space and Stars"    

Gong Qian Yang's 6th album "Space and Stars" is composer's latest quest for communication with nature: Birds, Forest, Seashore, Wave, Wind, Night sky, Moon and twinkling stars... Of course, human feelings and emotions are always at the center focus. Look far into the future, how lovely and precious that would be when mankind who've moved to new planets and stars receives messages, gifts from our motherland earth?

Music for Yoga and More 1400
final cover
"Sonic Wave" by GongQian Yang
Sonic Spring Album Front Image

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Sonic Poem by Gong Qian Yang
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