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Posted by European website on Hugi.is along with the great composers Bela Bartok, Howard Shore, Stravinsky, Debussy and Beethoven, etc., Yang believes:”Music should spark our passion, awaken our hope, refresh our feelings, and enlighten our hearts…"

Yang’s music is in 21st century modern classical music style ranging from Choral, movie sound track, TV, radio headlines and gaming music, soundscape, to symphonic works such as "Nature and Me " Symphonic Poem and "Dawn-Awakening", etc… His music is natural, easy listening, uplifting and inspirational. 

As a composer, producer and publisher, Gong Qian Yang has released seven of his music albums:

"Sonic Poem”;

"Sonic Spring by Gong Qian Yang”;

"Sonic Wave by Gong Qian Yang”;

"Lean on Me”;

"Music for Yoga and More”;

"Sonic Fusion”;

"Space and Stars”, More are coming...

 "Space and Stars” is Yang's inspiration for communication with nature: Birds, Forest, Seashore, Wave, Wind, Night sky, Moon and twinkling stars....

As an accomplished violinist, Yang has been twice first-prize winner of the Starling International Scholarship Foundation in U.S. He pursued his violin study with the legendary violin teacher Prof. Dorothy Delay and Prof. Kurt Sassmannshaus at both Aspen music Festival and  Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music (CCM). Yang has been conferred Master's Degree of Music. Yang also studied with Ms. Kathleen Lenski, and Prof.Robert Lipsett earlier when he was in California. 

Yang very much enjoyed taking composer Joel Hoffman's class at CCM. He was also very grateful to his music mentor Gerhard Samuel (who studied composition with Paul Hindemith, and studied conducting with Koussevitzky). Yang was coached and influenced by Prof. Samuel on modern music languages and new music for the future. Fortunately, Yang was offered the opportunity to play Prof. Samuel's Gagliano violin during the time while he was studying at CCM. 

While enjoying a successful career as soloist and concert artist, Yang always kept keen interest in music composition. Focusing on his music production, Yang has studied a wide range of repertoire and a great diversity of music by western masters. As a sensible composer, Yang has often been inspired by the harmony between all the creatures in the universe. A lot of his music idea came to him when he was on his music tour. He was humming along on the way to Nashville, and his heart was singing when he was driving in the Appalachian Mountains. Yang says he enjoys being close to the nature whether it is sunny or rainy; he feels the energy and harmony coming from everywhere.

Yang expressed that music should radiate infinite life energy that glorifies the beauty of the great universe and of course the beauty of humans living within. 

Gong Qian Yang's music albums are available at: Apple iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Verizon, Amazon MP3, Tencent Music, Netease Music, Nokia, My Space Music, Tradebit, Napster, Emusic, etc. Yang’s music has been well received both in U.S. and internationally, for his music is reaching and touching human hearts in a very intimate way...


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