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Gong Qian Yang’s  7th album “Sonic Fusionwas newly released in December 2016! In this album, Composer's effort to discover and unlock the emotional meaning of sound waves, pitches including 12 tone rows from a fresh new perspective. Clearly defined pitches & non-defined pitches were both explored in the music process with listener friendly in mind.     

Yang's 6th album " Space and Stars " is composer's inspiration for communications with nature: Birds, Forest, Seashore, Wave, Wind, Night sky, Moon and twinkling stars... Of course, human feelings and emotions are always at the center focus. Look far into the future, how lovely and precious that would be when mankind who've moved to new planets and stars receives messages, gifts from our motherland earth? 

His 6th album “Space and Stars” was released on Sept. 22, 2015. Enjoy!

His  4th album Lean on Meand 5th album “Music for Yoga and More” were released on 8-8-2014. 

Yang's 1st album "Sonic Poem" has been released on the Apple iTunes, SonyConnect, Napster, Verizon VCast, AOL Music Now, Bitmunk, Yahoo Music, Walmart MP3, FYE etc... 

In 2012, Yang released his 2nd  album "Sonic Spring  by Gong Qian Yang" as digital download at: Nokia, Apple iTunes, Verizon, Amazon MP3, My Space Music, Tradebit, Napster,  Emusic,  Last, fm, Spotify, MediaNet,etc.. 

In September 2013, Yang released his 3rd  album "Sonic Wave by Gong Qian Yang". The style of this album ranges from Choral, movie sound track, and easy listening, etc,  to symphonic works such as "Dawn-Awakening"

Some of Yang's music on his 2nd album “ Sonic Spring by Gong Qian Yang” has come out from his joyful living experience on Michigan Avenue, overlooking the magnificent lake and just a few blocks from the Chicago symphony hall. 

“Let's Hand to Hand” 'is in pop classical song style; 

“In Love”-an evening dance at a Jazz Club? Maybe... 

“Morning Lake”--- It is dawn at the lake, birds are still nestling, everything is quietly accumulating energy for a lively day... 

“The Kiss of the Sun and Water”--- The  moment when the morning Sun kisses the scenic lake waves before it rises above the sparkling water; 

“Sound Bath” ---Great Lake, occasionally with fog, in its sonic form. 

“Song Without Words” for chorus, bells and orchestra is on Yang’s 3rd album titled “Sonic Wave by Gong Qian Yang”. It was conceived at the time of a delightful gathering with friends. It reflects Yang’s happy mood...

“Wondering”, also on Yang’s 3rd  album, depicts a scene of wondering along an open shoreline, listening to the waves and tides, watching the birds and seagulls,  and simply embrace the nature...  Life is beautiful!

"Dawn-Awakening" is a symphonic work on Yang's 3rd  album "Sonic Wave by Gong Qian Yang”. It  starts with broad low earthy sound as grand nature's breath at the dawn, and develops into awakening with glorious triumph 

Gong-Qian Yang's "Nature and Me" symphonic poem has been world premiered by China National Symphony Orchestra. This symphonic poem is one of the compositions on his album titled "Sonic Poem".  The world premiere "Nature and Me" under the baton of world class American conductor indeed has reached and deeply touched human's heart with long time applause and standing ovation. The world premier concert was broadcasted on WDPR 88.1 FM radio in U.S., and on China Central Television (CCTV) repeatedly. By 2012, Yang has made a few revisions to this symphonic poem which greatly enriched its instrumentation, including giving the chorus more weight in this music...

Yang believes that he inherited the passion for music from his father BinGe Yang, a music lover who enjoyed playing Erhu, violin, clarinet, tuba and some other instruments, as well as calligraphy in his leisure time. As a composer for music now and future, Yang believes that  it is best to let music emotion flow and unfold freely without excess structural restraint. He believes that "any type of music, such as pop, classical, jazz, vocal, rock, country, orchestral, old or new... you name it, it's all good as long as it treats human ears, hearts, and feelings in a respectful way." Therefore, he doesn't limit himself as an artist of any one type of music style. Yang believes that "Life is like an ongoing music composition. Everyone is a composer of his or her own masterpiece. In other words, music is part of life, and life is reflected in music" He hopes we can all share some happy moments together through music.

At Middfest International Festival in U S 2006, Yang's music has been featured at the Grand Finale Concert performed by world renowned artist from New York. Yang's music has also been featured at U S - China Forum Chicago at Downtown Hilton Tower in June 2007 and at Chicago Journalist Association's 68th Annual Award in downtown Chicago Holiday Inn Mart Plaza on September 28, 2007.  In 2009,  Gong-Qian Yang's original music was featured with documentary films at the 26th Annual Asian American Coalition of Chicago Lunar New Year Celebration, presented and sponsored by "Dynamic Korea", The Korea Tourism Organization and American Family Insurance. Yang's music has been frequently featured as theme music by SuncasTV station in Chicago. His music has also been featured for the spotlight / TV portrait series of current world renowned people.  Yang's music has been well received by the audience.

Yang  pursued his violin study with the legendary violin teacher Prof. Dorothy Delay and Prof. Kurt Sassmannshaus at both Aspen music Festival and  Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music (CCM). Yang has been conferred Master's Degree of Music at CCM 1992. Yang also studied with Ms. Kathleen Lenski, and Prof.Robert Lipsett earlier when he was in California. 

As a violin soloist and twice first-prize winner of the Starling International Scholarship Foundation in U.S., Yang has been winning standing ovations in his solo concerts, including solo showcase at the Aspen Summer Music Festival, solo concert with the Long Beach Civic Symphony Orchestra in California, Sinfonia California, Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music's 125th Anniversary Gala Concert, and the Richmond Symphony Orchestra. He performs a wide range of solo repertoire, such as concertos by Paganini, Sibelius, and Saint-Saens, etc. 

Yang has served as violin professor at University of Dayton, concertmaster for Philharmonia Orchestra and Opera Orchestra at Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (CCM), CCM Contemporary Music Ensemble, Sinfonia California, Wright State University Chamber Orchestra, and as the associate concertmaster of Aspen Summer Festival Concerto Orchestra, etc. 

 Yang’s composition talents started to be recognized when he was an honor student at Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, where he has been recognized as a prominent alumni member (linked on the Conservatory’s Profile page). Yang very much enjoyed taking composer Joel Hoffman’s class at CCM. He was also very grateful to his music mentor Gerhard Samuel (who studied composition with Paul Hindemith, and studied conducting with Koussevitzky). Yang was coached and influenced by Prof. Samuel on modern music languages and new music for the future. Forturnately, Yang was offered the opportunity to use Prof. Samuel’s Gagliano violin during the time when Yang was studying at CCM. While enjoying a successful career as soloist and concert artist, Yang always kept keen interest in music composition. Focusing on his music production, Yang has studied a wide range of repertoire and a great diversity of music by western masters. As a sensible composer, Yang has often been inspired by the harmony between all the creatures in the universe. A lot of his music idea came to him when he was on his music tour. He was humming along on the way to Nashville, and his heart was singing when he was driving in the Appalachian Mountains. Yang says he enjoys being close to the nature whether it is sunny or rainy; he feels the energy and harmony coming from everywhere.

Yang believes: "Music should spark our passion, awaken our hope, refresh our feelings, and enlighten our heart". He expresses that music should radiate infinite life energy that glorifies the beauty of the great universe and of course the beauty of humans living within.                                                         

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